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Suspected illegal canine operation under investigation in Preston County

KINGWOOD, W.Va. – An investigation into a suspected animal breeding business resulted in the seizure of 36 dogs in Preston County.

The investigation began when a worker from the Preston County Animal Shelter spotted a dog walking along the road between Lenox and Cuzzart. When the worker found the owner of the dog on Ralph Livengood Road he also found multiple pens with dogs living in muddy, poor conditions. The worker reported there was no food or water and two litters of puppies were in pens.

Commissioners said there was no license on file for the operation. In Preston County, you must apply for a permit to keep 11 or more dogs.

All 36 were seized by deputies and animal shelter workers because there was no permit.

A hearing in Preston County Magistrate Court has been scheduled for Tuesday, August 9 at 9 a.m.

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Rain returns to eastern Kentucky as Backpacks for Disasters continues

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – For the last week, WVRC Media and PR Plus Events have been cash and supplies for Backpacks for Disaster to help the flood ravaged residents of eastern Kentucky.

Forecasts indicate slow moving storms will linger in the area bringing the potential for another 2 to 4-inches of rain through Monday. A dry period is in the forecast through Wednesday when the same type system will return with more slow moving rain cells.

Captain Gary Amburgey with the Sandlick Volunteer Fire Department said some residents are slowly returning to their homes to salvage what they can and begin the lob process of making their property habitable again.

“There are a lot of places with five, six, seven, eight inches of mud lined up everything,” Amburgey said. “There are a lot of places that will never come back to normal.”

Kentucky State Police trooper Matt Gayheart said their work has not slowed, but the mission has evolved since flooding began. In many cases police are working with residents to help protect homes and businesses from theft.

“As of now we’re making sure supplies are being handed out where they need to be going and our priority right now is security patrols,” Trooper Gayheart said.

In addition to Backpacks for Disasters, relief supplies and organizations are flowing to multiple locations. Volunteers, residents and emergency workers are sorting the supplies for distribution throughout the area.

“Still going through and searching areas that were heavily hit by the flood and making sure people there have what they need to sustain themselves,” Trooper Gayheart said.

Some structure fires have been reported as electricity is restored and other areas still are without water and power. Exact numbers were not available at press time, but a large number of people are still using emergency shelters established when flash floods hit.

“The ones that are able to get back in are trying to recover what property they can salvage and seeing what’s damaged and starting to make repairs,” Trooper Gayheart said.

Emergency services suffered losses as well. Numerous police vehicles, equipment and facilities were destroyed or damaged in the initial surge of flood waters. According to Amburgey, The Letcher Fire Department lost their entire fleet including tankers, engines, equipment and their building. The fire department is operating from a nearby elementary school.

Amburgey and Gayheart said drinking water, food , cleaning supplies and equipment and comfort items for adults and children in shelters are needed.

“We appreciate all West Virginia has done,” Amburgey said. “They stepped up really good and helped out our local police departments with donations cars and fire apparatuses, we really appreciate you very much.”

Backpack for Disaster donations can be left at the Greer Building at 1251 Earl Core Road or PR Plus Events at 150 Clay Street in Morgantown. Residents with donations they would to be picked up can call 304-288-4244.

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Lithium batteries suspected cause of Jane Lew structure fire

JANE LEW, W.Va. – An attempt to charge lithium batteries in a Jane Lew home resulted in a fire that caused $10,000 in damage Friday.

Investigators believe the wiring in the Old Mill Road home could not handle the load or an improper charging device was being used. Damage was confined to one room in the home and no injuries were reported.

Firefighters from Jackson’s Mill, West Milford, Jane Lew and Nutter Fort responded along with Harrison County EMS.

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Oral rabies vaccination deployed in Mon County

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Monongalia County is one of 24 counties statewide deploying oral rabies vaccine(ORV) baits via aircraft in August.

“If you find a bait, leave it where you found it, unless it’s in your lawn or driveway,” said Todd Powroznik, Environmental Health program manager at Monongalia County Health Department. “If you do find any in those places, wear gloves and remove the baits, and put them in a thicker area where raccoons and wild animals will find them.”

Racoons and other wild animals eat the bait that gives them protection from the virus and prevent them from passing it to other animals.

Three different types of ORV is being deployed in Monongalia County. One is a blister pack, one green and one white and the other is wrapped in a brown coating. The vaccine is not harmful to pets, but ingesting a large amount could cause an upset stomach.

Last year, 1,400 baits were distributed in the Monongalia County area.

ORV will also be deployed in Marion, Harrison, Taylor, Wetzel, Tyler and Barbour counties.

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Dueling tax proposals important topic for municipal leaders during annual meeting
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WVRC Media, PR Plus Events collect relief supplies, cash for eastern Kentucky flood victims
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Morgantown council moves on airport grant funding, committee maintenance and welcomes new hires

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Morgantown city council approves airport funding, disbands committees and welcomes new employees.

Morgantown City Council formally accepted approximately $350,142 from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the runway extension project. The funding, will be accepted via grants from the FAA that will include a match requirement from the city, that would also allow for funding matches from the state for approximately half of the city’s matched funds requirement.

“It also obligates the city to provide a match in the amount of $18,429,” said Morgantown City Manager Kim Haws. “It also calls for the authorization to the city manager, to accept from the State of West Virginia,” he said.

A decision to formally dissolve the Special Committee on Community Policing and Citizen Review Board. Mayor Jenny Selin said they expect to make appointments to the nine member board in the next three weeks.

“This committee is no longer needed, because it’s played out it’s role,” said Morgantown Mayor Jenny Selin.

The Morgantown Special Committee on Addressing Unsheltered Homelessness will be replaced by a new initiative brought to the area by the West Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness called Built for Zero. Deputy Mayor Danielle Trumble said our area will be one of about 100 communities in the state participating in the nationwide program.

Trumble and local leaders attended a three hour meeting to get more information on the program local leaders including faith leaders and social service providers.

“Monongalia County is going to be the first area in West Virginia for the program,” Trumble said. “I attended with Mon County Commission president Tom Bloom and Morgantown chief of police Eric Powell.”

Built for Zero is described as a movement methodology to deal with chronically homeless people in communities and the population to a “functional zero.” Information from the Built for Zero website says they “have changed how local homeless response systems work and the impact they can achieve.”

The labor shortage in the city of Morgantown is being addressed aggressively by the Human Resources Department, according to city manager Kim Haws. Haws did not elaborate on what positions were filled.

“In the last two or three months they have been instrumental in hiring 30 new staff- that’s three-zero new staff, 30 new staff within the city of Morgantown,” Haws said.

Morgantown City Council also unanimously approved the second reading of the city’s revised 2022-23 fiscal year budget, as part of it’s consent agenda.

The next committee of the whole will feature a presentation detailing how American Rescue Plan money has been spent.

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Intermediate Court of Appeals rejects stay request on Hope Scholarship
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WW II vet celebrates 100th birthday in Harrison County

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – Healthy living and being active- those are the secrets shared to a long life by World War II veteran Robert Harold who just celebrated his 100th birthday.

Harold was born in Harrisville and enlisted in the U. S. Air Force at the age of 19. He spent most of his time in uniform training other soldiers for combat at an airbase near Myrtle Inlet. Harold never saw combat action, but did serve as a sea/air rescue crew in the South Pacific.

After his service he attended West Virginia University and went on to be a teacher and taught for a short time in Ritchie County.

Harold was also recognized by the Harrison County Commission.

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Largest charter school in the state begins classes in Morgantown

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The first week of secondary school classes is underway at the West Virginia Academy in Morgantown. Recent reports indicated the school has the highest charter school enrollment in the state of 458, so far.

According to academy president Jon Treu, they carefully selected a building on Chestnut Ridge Road that could be repurposed without a major facelift or a interior reconfiguration. The location also made it ideal for the primary service area of Monongalia-Preston Counties.

“In what used to be a West Virginia University research facility,” Treu said. “So, the positives to that are it has all the same safety standards required for that type of facility which meets the standards for public schools as well.”

Treu said the school provides before and after school programming and tailored education experiences for students. The STEM and Language Arts programs attempt to meet students where they are academically along with the West Virginia Ambassador program to promote character development and civility.

Treu said they have made views of parents a priority from the inception of the organization with the survey used to develop the mission.

“We have a sitting position on our governing board for a parent of students,” Treu said. “A parent on the parent organization for the school has a seat on the board.”

The charter school program is new, but the institutions will follow all rules set forth by the West Virginia Department of Education.

“All the data you get on public schools in terms of test scores and various information about students at a particular school- they’ll have that same information about our school because we report on the exact same system.”

Primary students will begin classes on August 8.

Treu will be a guest Friday on WAJR’s Talk of the Town with more the the first week of classes.

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