Jack and Nikki in the Morning

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Jack Logar is a proud West Virginia native who grew to manhood on Point Mountain in Randolph County.  An abandoned coal mining town in the mountains doesn’t offer many amenities, but it’s great for outdoor activities and picking up signals from distant radio stations.  As a result, Jack developed a love for motorcycles and broadcasting early in life.  That love continues to this day.  The isolation of his hometown benefited Jack in other ways, like his inability to contain his inner monologue or develop basic social skills.  The outcome is an honest, unguarded “warts and all” approach to radio that makes his show unique among his peers.

Nikki is a Disney junkie, chocolate lover, addicted to coffee and cookies, and the co-host of Jack and Nikki In the Morning (in that order).  After playing radio in Ohio, Mississippi, and New York, Nikki is happy to be back home in West Virginia where she is close to family and can experience all 4 seasons (in one day).  Nikki avoids cleaning and chores by running, exploring trails and trying new foods. She likes to spend time with her cat and husband playing table top and video games, watching movies, and binge watching reality TV.  Nikki has a positive outlook on everything… until you take away her coffee and cookies.​

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