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Just Jaime

Just Jaime has lived in Morgantown since 2016 after living in Alaska, Hawaii and Denver to name a few places. She moved to Morgantown to join the WVAQ crew and is now also a marketing specialist with WVRC Media. She’s been in the radio industry for over a decade and loves being able to talk…

The Knight Show with Jason Knight

The (Mostly) True Story of Jason Knight… Jason Knight has lived in lots of different places. He grew up a in rural Indiana spending most of his childhood grounded from TV and hanging with his friends (his parents called them “bad influences”). That left Jason with nothing to do but write short stories and read a lot of comic books while becoming a…

Matt Kelly

What’s Your Story? I’m a WV native, born and raised in Beverly, WV. It’s a SUPER SMALL TOWN…but there are many awesome people there! I graduated from Elkins High School in 2006, then moved to Morgantown to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism at WVU in 2010.

I’ve always been into movies, music and video games. There’s just something about the art, the creativity and the storytelling. So, broadcasting seemed like a fun career where I could really focus on those skills.

I’m happily married to my wife Christina. We have 2 cuddly cats, Dora and Gypsy 🙂

Favorite Food? I could eat tacos everyday for the rest of my life, and be the happiest man on earth!

Nicknames?  Machinegun Kelly. Yes, I had it first! Before MGK took it.

Hobbies?  I’ve played music for most of my adult life, so I try and still pick up my guitar or bass from time to time. I also REALLY love video games, or maybe I just really like sitting on the couch? Even though I like to be lazy (who doesn’t?!) I also enjoy CrossFit/weightlifting. It’s my go-to way to start the day and does a lot to help me focus on my mental health, as well as my physical fitness.

Jack and Nikki in the Morning

Jack Logar is a proud West Virginia native who grew to manhood on Point Mountain in Randolph County. An abandoned coal mining town in the mountains doesn’t offer many amenities, but it’s great for outdoor activities and picking up signals from distant radio stations. As a result, Jack developed a love for motorcycles and broadcasting…

Nikki Drake

Nikki is a Disney junkie, chocolate lover, addicted to coffee and cookies, and the co-host of Jack and Nikki In the Morning (in that order). After playing radio in Ohio, Mississippi, and New York, Nikki is happy to be back home in West Virginia where she is close to family and can experience all 4…