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MONDAY 7.14.14 

Chris Brown and Drake are teaming up in the studio...LOOK

Is Daniel Radcliffe headed to rehab? MORE OF THE STORY

JWoww gave birth...TO A BABY DAUGHTER

See how Katherine Heigl responded to a question about her difficult reputation...OVER HERE

Some of Michael Jackson's family members are getting their own reality show...LOOK

A breastfeeding mom was booted...OUT OF A BRAD PAISLEY CONCERT

Tracy Morgan is suing Walmart...BECAUSE OF THAT DEADLY CRASH

Bethany Frankel posed in her 4 year old's clothes...PICTURES HERE

Nickelodeon's "Sam and Cat" is ending...AFTER ONLY ONE SEASON

Model Chrissy Teigen says she was once fired...FOR BEING TOO FAT

Is Kate Upton planning on doing Playboy? STORY HERE


TUESDAY 7.15.14

Rumors flying that Harry Styles have a secret love child LOOK

A groupie got very descriptive about Drake's manhood...STORY HERE

Selena Gomez blasted one of her Instagram followers...MORE HERE

See Weird Al's parody video for Pharrell "Happy"...VIDEO HERE

President Obama asked a guy if he was gay...AND WHAT HAPPENED NEXT WAS AWESOME

I think it's safe to say Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper...AREN'T ON GREAT TERMS

See the first footage of Tracy Morgan since his accident...OVER HERE

Kate Middleton is allegedly pregnant...AGAIN

Gwen Stefani revealed who her advisor will be...ON THE VOICE

See Jessica Simpson's wedding video...OVER HERE

Lindsay Lohan is moving to London...FIND OUT WHY HERE

The TuPac Broadway musical is shutting down already...LOOK

Blink 182 is coming out with a new album...MORE HERE


Cameron Diaz responded to those rumors...THAT SHE HOOKED UP WITH DREW BARRYMORE

Drake announced his 4th album release...GET DETAILS


The Rock shared the meal plan he used...TO GET HUGE FOR HERCULES

SNL is losing more cast members...FIND OUT WHICH ONES HERE

R. Kelly says he's working on a new album...OF TECHNO MUSIC

Vanessa Minnillo is pregnant again...LOOK

Check out the best and worst celebrity fans....FOR EACH NFL TEAM

Paris Hilton released a terrible video...FOR THAT TERRIBLE NEW SONG

FRIDAY 7.18.14

A video of Kanye West rapping at 19...HAS BEEN RELEASED

Did Tim McGraw slap a female fan...DURING A CONCERT

Jason Biggs is in trouble for some tweets he made...LOOK

Kelly Ripa admits she loves botox...DO YOU SEE HOW GOOD SHE LOOKS

Check out Anna Paquin...WITH PURPLE AND BLUE HAIR

Jenny McCarthy reveals how she told her son about sex...OVER HERE



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